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We have performed all over Europe, the USA and in Buenos Aires, the cradle of tango. On this site, you will only find a few videos.
You can find many more on our Youtube Channel or on Facebook.

Tango (Bajo el cono azul by Orquesta Típica Victor) – Angers, France

Tango (Pensalo Bien by D’Arienzo) – Firenze, Italy

Vals (Très Jolie by Canaro) – Trébeurden, France

Milonga (Yo me llamo Juan te quiero by Canaro) – Angers, France

Tango (Mucha Clase by Lomuto) – Glasgow, Scotland
Dancing with a broken arm and extra small for crowded dance floors.

Tango (Torrente by Demare) – Lillehammer, Norway

Tango (Confesión by OT Porteña) – Montecatini Terme, Italy

Tango (Una Fija by Di Sarli) – Buenos Aires, Argentina
Surprising the Porteños by just walking a bit…