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Some Tango Blogs
Ms Hedgehogs blog

Cassiels blog
Melina’s two cents
Tangoimmigrant (inactive since 2017, but still lots of great posts online)

Our Tangopartners
Tangokombinat Events for social tango in close embrace
Andreas Wichter (teacher, organiser, DJ) France
Lynn Collins (DJ, organiser) France

Some of our Tango-Teacher-Trainees
Saso Zivanovic & Alja Ferme, Celje, Slovenia
Marion Greenwood & David Thomas, Wraysbury, UK
Hildegard Winkler & Michael Buchner, Gütersloh, Germany
Robert Korntner & Susanne Haas, Linz, Austria
Harald Ferstl & Beatrice Knopper, Graz, Austria
Beatrice Zernitz & Marco Rossi, Tangosognato, Firenze, Italy (mail)
Boris Kaiser, Zürich, Switzerland
Jeff Allan, Glasgow, UK
Susanne Scharnitzky, Regensburg, Germany
Susanne Mühlhaus, Munich, Germany
David Philips, Austin, USA
Patrycja Kaminska, Szczecin, Poland
Varvara (Barbara) Kountouzi, Philadelphia, USA
Manuela Villa, Freiburg, Germany
Tiziano Franzoi, Basel, Switzerland
Hans Meier & Tina Weikard, München + Stuttgart, Germany
Roy Higginbottom, Nottingham, UK
Not all of our TTT graduates teach on a regular basis. And there are others who do, but don’t have internet-sites. But do not hesitate to contact us. There are TTTs in many more European cities and soon also in the USA. We may be able to hook you up with someone in your region who knows our concepts intimately.

Non-Tango Partners
Thorsten Janes Photography
Acting and Arts, Acting School
Ina Wagner, pictogramms – signs (Wantasie)