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Melina Sedó was born in London to a German mother and a Spanish father. She is – like tango – international. Melina has been dancing since her early childhood. After exploring ballet, modern dance, ballroom dances and flamenco she finally discovered tango and fell under its spell.

Melina is a psychologist and has worked in youth-services before deciding to pursue tango exclusively. She has explored tango music intensively and has gained an excellent reputation as a tango DJ. She also offers classes for women and much more. Read about Melina’s work here.
Melina started dancing Tango in 1995.

Detlef Engel is German and brings the analytical thinking of an engineer to tango. His perceptiveness is remarkable. He pinpoints the source of problems which plague a student and hinder progress exactly. This is astounding considering that Detlef has never seen a dance school from the inside – as if he had saved all his energy for the tango.

Detlef´s second angle of approach is through music. During his pre-tango life he played the saxophone, and today this training enables him to translate the smallest nuances of music to movement. A few years ago, he started combining tango with comedy and bringing it to schools in France.
Detlef started dancing Tango in 1997.

Some of their teachers:
El Indio (his dynamic dance)
Mariana Dragone & Hernán Obispo (their excellent work on basics)
Mariana Flores & Eduardo Capussi (their milonga)
Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne (their systematic approach)
Just & Christa Kuhl (for introducing close embrace and the codigos milongueros)
Juan Bruno (as a representative of the old milongueros)

Detlef and Melina have studied with many more teachers, but this is what they answer, when someone asks them about their “maestros”: “We learned and still learn through the research connected to teaching and through the teaching process itself. This is why we are grateful to our students who have inspired us with their questions and ideas. You have been our most important teachers!”