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The embrace
It is the most significant feature of argentine tango.

… It can be as soft or as intense as you wish, but it should always be comfortable. We will only teach movements, that preserve the close embrace. Our technical concepts will work in whatever distance a couple uses, but we encourage all our students to discover the pleasure of an intimate, close embrace.

Improvisation: Tango is a language – we teach small elements and the structure of tango so that you can develop your very own forms of expression within the dance. We will of course also show interesting, immediately useable combinations for a social dancefloor, but we put an emphasis on the manifold variations of the tango walk.

Music: The music makes us dance. It inspires emotions that we want to express in the embrace. This is why tango is closely connected to its traditional music. In our classes, you will learn to love it as deeply as we do.

Organic movements: Harmony and elegance will grow on a solid foundation, which is why we put our emphasis on concepts that are based on the natural use of your bodies with just the right amount of relaxation and tension. Exercises for balance, for walking and for communication within the couple help to feel comfortable during the dance. Technique is just a means to an end.

Social dancing: Our tango is not based on stage tango only available to a few highly trained individuals. Social tango can be studied and danced by anyone, independent of age, previous experience or physique. If you want to immerse in this beautiful dance and share the dance floor respectfully with the other couples, you are very welcome!

Individual development: We prefer small groups in order to be able to work intensely with each student. We want to open paths to individual development. Where those paths lead is up to you entirely.

Gender equality: We believe that tango is about finding harmony in the movement with a partner independent of their gender. Every person has the potential to be a great leader or an accomplished follower. This is why we encourage our students to try out both roles. This change of perspective will give you valuable insights and help develop your dance immensely.