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Artikel in der Tangodanza
Anlässlich unseres Jubiläums, hat die Tangodanza ein Interview mit uns veröffentlicht. Hier könnt Ihr es lesen.

Neue Kurse in Saarbrücken
Ab 12. Mai gibt es donnerstags wieder fortlaufende Kurse: Einen Basics-Kurs für Neu-Einsteiger*innen und solche, die weiter an den Grundlagen arbeiten möchten und einen Themenkurs Drehungen für Tanzende mit Erfahrung.
Die Drop-In Class von Detlef & Melina wird mittwochs weiter geführt und wechselt sich mit einer Practica ab. Wann immer Ihr also mittwochs ins Tangokombinat kommt: Es gibt Tango!
Mehr Infos hier.

20 years of walking in an embrace – anniversary video
It’s been 20 years, that we started teaching together and tango brought us all over Europe, to the USA and Buenos Aires. Life was not always easy, but certainly not boring either. We’ve danced in exciting places, made great friends, developed a unique teaching approach and launched new formats to promote high quality tango. The last 2 years have been very difficult, but now things are looking up and we are eager to embrace the world!
For this special occasion, we have produced a special video with clips from demos over 20 years. Watch us progress!

Our shop: Caminar Abrazados digital editions + video workshops!
Have you already discovered our shop? This is where you can buy the updated digital versions of our comprehensive learning aid Caminar Abrazados and interesting video workshops.
Click here.

Free mini-series with solo exercises
Melina has uloaded a mini-series with online exercises for social dancers. You can find them on Facebook and Youtube! The videos are free, but donations are welcome.

Tango Tips by the Maestros
This book brought together for the first time in the tango history icons of tango, judges of the Mundial de Tango, world champions, and experienced teachers from around the world, and asked them one question: If you could give a few pieces of advice that you consider extremely valuable to tens of thousands of tangueros and tangueras, what would you say?
Find out more about their answers here.