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Detlef & Melina @ Tangokombinat
Nach fast 18 Jahren internationaler Lehrtätigkeit haben wir uns entschieden, endlich auch regelmäßigen Unterricht in Saarbrücken anzubieten. Informationen hier.
Après presque 18 ans d’enseignement sur la scène internationale, nous avons décidé de finalement proposer des cours (d’une façon régulière) à Sarrebruck. Plus d’infos içi.
After working internationally for almost 18 years, we have decided to finally offer regular classes in Saarbruecken. More info here.

Caminar Abrazados

Caminar Abrazados – a comprehensive book plus 2,5 hours DVD is being shipped all over the world! This is where you can buy it directly from us.

Schedule 2019
Our schedule is online, but not yet complete. We are expecting some more engagements that still need to be confirmed, so please check again later. There are also a few slots left towards the end of the year. Please write us, if you are interested in hosting us at your Tango community.

Please write to us in case of any questions, suggestion or just to get in touch.