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The corona situation
2020 is nearing its end and things are not getting any better. Our situation is actually getting worse. How can that be? Although most of our workshops, classes and events had to be cancelled or postponed, we obviously managed to get through this horrible year. This was also due to the help of so many friends who bought our digital products or vouchers for privates, donated money or let us keep payments until the many suspended activities can actually be held. We are super grateful!
But maybe you can also see the problem: We have received payments for classes and events yet to be conducted in the future. This means that we’ve got lots of work lined up for 2021, but the money has already been spent in 2020. So we cannot take on the normal amount of new engagements in 2021 and all the expenses related for the postponed activities will also still have to be covered. And what happens if an event (e.g. Pequeña) will still not be allowed to take place? In this case we are looking at large refunds, because people won’t let us keep their money a year longer. But as these funds have already been spent, we will have to take on loans or use up our retirement funds in order to repay our customers.
Another problem: At the moment, organisers won’t make any plans for 2021, so apart from a few postponed workshop-weekends, there are zero new engagements lined up.
To sum it up: Thanks to your help, all went relatively well in 2020, but now we won’t be generating any new income before summer 2021. These will be some very tough months and Melina is already engaging in a non-tango professional activity to make up for the losses.
We are nevertheless looking forward to meeting you in the new – and hopefully better – year. You can e.g. already register for one of our tango holidays. And we are of course hoping that tango clubs and organisers will soon again become active. We’re waiting…

New shop: Caminar Abrazados digital editions + video workshops!
We have created a brand-new shop where you can buy the updated digital versions of our comprehensive learning aid Caminar Abrazados and interesting video workshops. We will add more products in the months to come!
Click here.

Free mini-series with solo exercises
Melina has uloaded a mini-series with online exercises for social dancers. You can find them on Facebook and Youtube! The videos are free, but donations are welcome.

Tango Tips by the Maestros
This book brought together for the first time in the tango history icons of tango, judges of the Mundial de Tango, world champions, and experienced teachers from around the world, and asked them one question: If you could give a few pieces of advice that you consider extremely valuable to tens of thousands of tangueros and tangueras, what would you say?
Find out more about their answers here.