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USA 2024

General Information

  • All group classes to be booked and paid in advance with our respective hosts. The number of participants will be limited. Last minute spots may be open, but please do not count on it.
  • All prices are per person.
  • All group classes can be booked with a partner or solo.
  • We use role-changing as a means to understanding this wonderful dance better – in particular if you register solo. If you register with a partner, you are of course free to stick to the traditional roles, but we always recommend to try it. Dancing both roles is not only great fun, but will also make you more independent as a dancer. 
  • As we focus on musicality, communication and improvisation, our classes are suited for all levels. Some classes however have specific requirements. You will find them in the class description. 

Private Classes

Please check out the available dates for privates in the description of each weekend. Booking for the private classes either via the booking forms for the respective city (see below) or directly with us.
Payment for privates will be on site in cash. No studio fees apply in either location.

Prices for private classes with either Detlef or Melina: 
§120 for 1 person
$140 for 1 couple

Prices for private classes with both teachers together:
$140 for 1 person
$160 for 1 couple
$260 for 2 couples (shared private)
$300 for 3 couples (shared private)

Workshops & Seminars

• Atlanta

• Newport News

• Boston

Atlanta: March 1-5

Friday, March 1: Caminar abrazados – Walking in an embrace / 1.5 hours 7pm – 8:30pm (followed by a milonga)

Saturday, March 2: Rustic and elegant variations of Ochos / 4.5 hours plus 1/2 hour break 11:15am – 4:15pm – (monthly milonga that evening from 9-1am)

Sunday, March 3: Powerful musicality / 4.5 hours plus 1/2 hour break 12:30pm – 5:30pm  

$230 for all classes on the weekend
$110 per day for Saturday or Sunday seminars 
$40 for Friday workshop

Private Classes
Monday, March 4: 3 slots from 12-3:30pm
Tuesday, March 5: 3 slots from 4-7:30pm  

Newport News: March 7-12

Friday, March 8 Class: 7pm – 8:30pm / The embrace: Circular communication and feedback. Gain more clarity and comfort in the Abrazo.

Saturday, March 9 Seminar 1: 12pm – 5pm (including breaks) / Tools for the dance: make contrasts in varying synchronicity and directions of your movements. Expand your repertoire without learning steps.    

Sunday, March 10 Seminar 2: 12pm – 5pm (including breaks) / Same but different: Explore and dance to one tango in three challenging and very different versions. Encance your musicality. (Pre-requisite: ability to change speed effortlessly)  

$230 for all classes on the weekend
$110 per day for Saturday or Sunday seminars 
$40 for Friday workshop   

All group classes take place @ La Tanguedia, 145 Herman Melville Ave, Newport News, VA 23606
Places are limited to 24 dancers per class. 

Private classes
On March 7, 8, 11, 12  

Free Milongas
There will be free milongas on Friday, Saturday, Sunday evening. Exact times will be published later.

Boston: March 15-18

Friday, March 15:
8-9 p.m.: Pre-Milonga-class / Caminar Abrazados – Walking in an embrace. In this class, we are going to cover our most important fundamentals. We recommend it to everyone who is interested in developing more comfort in the embrace and freedom to improvise. (Drop-In-Class)
9 p.m.: Milonga with dj Melina

Saturday, March 16:
9 p.m.: Milonga with demo by Detlef & Melina

Milongas @ The Tango Society of Boston, 16 Bow St, Somerville, MA 02143

Available for private and shared private classes
On March 15, 16, 17, 18