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Tango Intensives & Holidays – Facts

Tango Holidays @ San Sebastiano da Po (September 6-13)
For tango lovers and connoisseurs (English)

There will be 20 hours of classes, 4 hours per day, either starting in the late morning or afternoon. One day of the week is free. Therefore you’ve got enough time to visit the surroundings or spend some quality time at the pool or in the garden.
Once a day, we‘ll share a nice meal in the restaurant attached to the Castello. And in the evening, the dancing starts anew: either on site or at a Milonga in Turin. (If there are any milongas this year. See corona-related information below.)

Bookings & price (per person): 920€
The price includes 7 overnights, 7 breakfasts, 6 meals, 20 hours of teaching as well as practicas/milongas on site. Please book with a partner. The number of participants is limited to 11 dance-couples. 
Please book directly with us.

About the Castello
Despite the impressive set-up, the Castello is no hotel, but a bed & breakfast. There are no phones, mini-bars or tvs in the rooms and you won’t be waited upon 24/7. But all of this adds to the very authentic feel of the location. There is a good reason, that so many weddings take place in these surroundings!
You will be staying in apartments for 2-4 people with separate double rooms. If the groups are full, there is no option for single rooms, but the apartments are spacious enough to guarantee for some comfort, even when sharing with another single participant. 

Travel to the Castello
Is it the Italian countryside, so we recommend coming by car. If you want to forgo cars, then it is best to take the regional train from Torino to Chivasso. That will take less than 1/2 hour. From there, you will have to take a bus which is only 11 kilometres to the foot of the castle hill. If things get complicated, we might also help you find a ride with someone else or collect you in Chivasso. 

Corona Information
The size of the group, the location and of the dance space allows for social distancing, if necessary and wished.
All participants book with a partner, so there will be no change of partners during classes. Whether you want to change partner during the evening milongas is entirely up to you as well.
Every couple stays in its own apartment, so you can even choose to prepare your own meals, in case that you want to minimise contacts.