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USA 2020/21

We are looking forward to meeting our US-American friends for some exciting workshops and an edition of our teacher training.

Over the period of one year, we are going to travel to four different cities in order to teach a weekend of regular workshops and to hold a module of our TTT. Please note that the participants of the TTT still commit to doing all four modules. But this time, you do not have to cross the ocean and one of the modules might be actually near to where you live. Or at least nearer than our hometown in Germany.


Locations + Dates

By clicking on the links, you’ll get to the site of our local host. Information may nevertheless not yet be available or complete. If so, please check closer to the date.
Information about the TTT is available on our site and booking for the TTT is directly with us.

Newport News, Virginia
30 May – 3 June (TTT) + June 5-7 (workshops), 2020
Hosted by La Tangueria.
Boston, Massachusetts
September 25-27 (workshops) + September 30 – October 4 (TTT), 2020
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
December 4-6 (workshops) + December 9-13 (TTT), 2020
Hosted by Nuevo Milonguero.
Atlanta, Giorgia
March 19-21 (workshops) + March 24-28 (TTT), 2021
Hosted by Nuestra Milonga.